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PostSubject: IMPORTANT INFORMATION EDITED   Sat 08 Sep 2007, 11:56

Well, this is regarding makin of 666 clan movie.

I have pretty much the whole scenario in my head, all we need to do is film it, I have fraps, and it would be great if someone has it also, if not I'll post a topic in Clan Discussion for download link.

So the time we should all meet in game, the more the better, taken in consideration our USA friends, I suggest Sunday 8PM GMT+1 that is -9 Pacific Time Zone, I hope you all get it, so it'll be round 11 am your time. I think we can do this, and I have some work to do ATM, I'll post whole scenarion here, also, not all have to be by the book, we can adjust in game what is needed.

EDT: Ok, since I have some RL issues that I really can't delay, the makin of video will be delayed, probably until next weekend.


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