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PostSubject: Sorry   Sorry Icon_minitimeTue 18 Nov 2008, 20:03

I had to wait allot to post this and sorry for being so late.
I wouldn't post this if I am not serious,
I have been inactive for a long time now and I need to confirm that I may not return...
I am not leaving the clan, server, or game, I remember saying I quit in the past way to many times. Nothing to serious happened, I just need more time, RL life calls...

I am sure you will kill some for me


Bye for now !
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Demon Lord
Demon Lord

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PostSubject: Re: Sorry   Sorry Icon_minitimeTue 18 Nov 2008, 21:48

yo there m8 Smile

well i was wondering about u and as i remember our last talk i knew it will take long time lol so no problem at all man

M8 take care of your RL first games will w8 Very Happy
Inactivity in these days are our 2nd name lol Sad
we have lotsof inactive members but if we need numbers we can call atleast 10 ppl as i counted Very Happy

Cya bud hope everything will be ok :fingers crossed:
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PostSubject: Re: Sorry   Sorry Icon_minitimeFri 21 Nov 2008, 22:34

No probelm little buddy, I know when RL calls Very Happy
Take your time and sort all you need, we're not going anywhere.
Nice to hear that you're alive Very Happy

Sorry Pilotviperpx4
Sorry 63281kx
Sorry Amrod666
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PostSubject: Re: Sorry   Sorry Icon_minitime

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