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 Game Backround

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PostSubject: Game Backround   Game Backround Icon_minitimeTue 17 Apr 2007, 18:20

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The world of SilkRoad is largely divided into 2 regions. One is the world on the basis of actuality and history of Chan'an, Tunhuang, Hotan, Teheran, Baghdad and Constantinople which were the major trading pathway crossing from east to west, and the other is the fantasy world from Takla Makan to Hotan, Gollyun Mountain, Himalayas and Cheonchukguk (India) which lie south and north.

Both themes cross over east-west and south-north and have been completed into the fantasy SilkRoad world with coexistence of actuality and fantasy.

1. Journey to the Oriental culture
The journey to the Oriental fantasy world hard to be selected in the existing on-line fantasy games becomes practicable. Welcome to the journey to the genuine Oriental fantasy world created from mysterious Chinese ancient fables, or thoughts like Taoism and Buddhism.

2. Mysterious and fantastic adventure world
It is nothing more pleasant than the journey to the friendly adventure world contacted through the books or literatures. You can make a adventure travel in prospect of a get-rich-quick as a treasure hunter who explores various adventurous places come on the world famous literatures like Arabian Night's Entertainment.

3. Gods' world
The question about gods has been one of the eternal assignments since now. From the past, the gods have been the object of not only awe but also challenge. Would you become the scholar who tries to find the traces of gods located all over the world and be anguished with the relation between gods and human?
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Game Backround
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