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 Quests In Jangan

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PostSubject: Quests In Jangan   Quests In Jangan Icon_minitimeTue 17 Apr 2007, 18:46

In order to make this quest look more easy to find, I'll post info in each topic with Quests that are in same town, here are first 22 Quests which U must complete in first town Jangan!

Quest 1
Level 1 - Beginner Quest
NPC: General SONHEYON(near the west gate)
Step 1: Visit JANGBUIN the protector merchant/go back talk to SONHEYON
Step 2: Visit JINJIN owner of the general shop, equip what she give you, then talk to her again/go back talk to SONHEYON
Step 3: Visit YANGYUN the herbalist shop owner/buy a hp herb from him/go back talk to SONHEYON
Step 4: Kill 30 Mangyangs/go back talk to SONHEYON
Reward: newbie gears/HP recovery

Quest 2
Level 3 - Weapon Dealer
Step 1: Talk to JINGYEON(he guard the south gate)
Step 2: Go back and talk to CHEOLHYEON
Reward: 225 exp, 205 golds

Quest 3
Level 3 - Lost Child
NPC: Village Chief(he in the rich village north entrance)
Step 1: Kill Small-Eye/Big-Eye monsters, once it drop "Child Shoes" go back and give it to the Village Chief.
Reward: 375 exp, 475 golds

Quest 4
Level 3 - Kill Weasels
NPC: IYANG(he guard the east gate)
Step 1: Kill 40 Old Weasel/Weasel, there a lot of them outside of east gate, return to him once you complete.
Reward: 1900 exp, 1000 gold

Quest 5
Level 5 - Yangyun Anxiety
NPC: YANGYUN herbalist shop owner
Step 1: Kill 50 Water ghost/water ghost slaves, they are a little north of west gate, return to YANGIKJI once you complete.
Reward: 3800 exp, hp recovery

Level 6 - Water ghost poison(complete Yangyun Anxiety to unlock)
NPC: YANGYUN herbalist shop owner
Step 1: Kill water ghost or water ghost slaves to obtain the poison, return to YANGIKJI once you get 20 of it.
Reward: 6600 exp, 4000 sp, mp recovery

Quest 6
Level 7 - Sweeping Stone Ghost
NPC: SANGGWANNAM(he guard the east gate)
Step 1: Kill 40 Stone ghost/broken stone ghost. You can find them at Chin's Tomb or Tomb. Return to him once you complete.
Reward: 4500 exp, 2000 gold

Quest 7
Level 7 - Clear Biseokgwi
NPC: JEONGHYE(he in the court of Jaeun Temple)
Step 1: Collects all the stone pieces(check quest log for update). Return to JEONGHYE for rewards.
Reward: 10500 exp, 3800 gold and a Lvl10 horse scroll.

Quest 8
Level 8 - Tree Spirit
NPC: MYOSORYEONG(excorist house)
Step 1: Kill Decayed Yeoha/Yeoha they drop "Yeoha Black Blood" get 30 of those and return to MYOSORYEONG for reward.
Reward: A Lvl-10 weapon of your class

Quest 9
Level 9 - Adventurer's Stone
NPC: Flora(at the Specilities Shop)
Step 1: Kill Stone Ghost to obtain "Adventurer's Stone" collect 20 and return to Flora for reward.
Reward: 5000 exp, 3500 gold, 1 Adventure Shift Scroll
Note: If you still have Sweeping Stone Ghost quest, Stone Ghost won't drop "Adventurer's Stone" until you finish

Quest 10
Level 10 - Purification Ground
NPC: MYOSORYEONG(excorist house)
Step 1: Deliver the "Yeoha Black Blood" to Indian Buddhist Monk KUSHYAN.
Step 2: Go back talk to MYOSORYEONG and recieve your reward.
Reward: 12700 exp, 4500 sp and 4000 gold

Quest 11
Level 10 - Sweeping Bandit Archer
Step 1: Kill 50 Bandit Archer and return to JUHO for reward
Reward: 9500 exp, mp recovery

Quest 12
Level 11 - Bandit Operation Map(finish Sweeping Bandit Archer unlock)
Step 1: Kill Bandit Archer, they drop Operation Map, get 20 of those and return to JUHO for your reward
Reward: 28000 exp, 5500 sp, hp recovery

Quest 13
Level 13 - Sweeping Bandit(complete Sweeping Bandit Archer to unlock)
NPC: Guild Master
Step 1: Kill 50 Bandits/Bandit subordinates to complete the quest.
Reward: 14500 exp, hp recovery

Quest 14
Level 13 - Tiger Grinding Tooth:
NPC: JODAESAN(specilities shop)
Step 1: Hunter Tiger, they drop "Molar Teeth" collect 10 of those and return to JODAESAN for reward.
Reward: 15300 exp, 5000 sp and 4000 gold

Quest 15
Level 13 - Tiger Hunting Competition(you can do this quest 3 times)
First time: Kill 1 Tiger champion, 20 Tigers and 20 Young Tigers.
Second time: Kill 3 Tigers champion, 30 Tigers and 30 Young Tigers
Third time: Kill 5 Tigers champion, 40 Tigers and 40 Young Tigers

for the second and 3rd time, u'll notice a "0" appearing on ur screen everytime u complete one of the 3 amount of tiger required.
Reward: Total 33000 exp, 9550 exp, 3600 gold, 1 Tiger Volient Scroll and Hp recovery potions.

Quest 16
Level 15 - Cheolhyeon Anger
NPC: CHEOLHYEON the blacksmith
Step 1: Kill 200 Bandit Bowman, return to him once you complete.
Reward: 26500 exp, 10000 sp and 1 transexual item transform

Quest 17
Level 16 - Stolen Sword
NPC: GWAKI(Hunter Guild)
Step 1: Go to Bijeokodan Mountain Stronghold and kill Bandit, the "Stolen Sword" may drop on your first bandit or it may take you forever to get
Reward: 18800 exp, 5000 gold and 3600 sp(Thank Amasuka)

Quest 18
Level 17 - Herb Delivery
NPC: YANGYUN(herbalist shop)
Step 1: You have to travel to the Chinese West Ferry.
Reward: 14400 experience, 3600 skill experience and 3800 GP

Quest 19
For the Yangyun Request:
Step 1: Travel to the East Ferry
Step 2: Travel to the West Ferry
Reward: 18000 experience, 4500 skill experience and 125 Small Mana potions

Quest 20
Level 17 - Yangyun Request(complete Herb Delivery to unlock)
Step 1: Open your quest log, click on the title, open world map, go to the yellow dot on the world map. Then return to YANGIJKI for reward.
Reward: *Let me know*

Quest 21
Level 17 - Black Tiger Talon(complete "Adventure Stone" to unlock)
NPC: Flora(specilities shop)
Step 1: Hunt Black Tiger, they drop "Black Tiger Claw" return to Flora once you get 60 of those.
Reward: 60000 exp, 15000 sp and 15700 gold

Quest 22
Level 18 - White Tiger Skin(3 times repeatable)
NPC: JODAESAN(specilities shop)
First time: Hunt White Tigers, they drop "White Tiger Skin" collect 100 of those and return to JODAESAN for reward
Second time: Same as above
Third time: Get 200 White Tiger Skin(84600 exp, 20k sp and 1 Tiger Strenght scroll, 20% dmg aborstion for 1 hour)
Reward: Total 84600 exp, 20000 sp, 10900 gold
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Quests In Jangan
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