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 Quests In Hotan

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PostSubject: Quests In Hotan   Quests In Hotan Icon_minitimeTue 17 Apr 2007, 18:49

Quest 55
Level 45 - Bunwang highest grade nephrite
NPC: jade refiner pahap of hotan(at kidney stonefinery)
collect 175 highest grade nephrite
repeated quest 3 times
reward: 700,000 exp

Quest 56
Level 46- Clearing ultra blood devil
NPC: storekeeper auisan of hotan
killing 750 ultra blood devil
repeated quest 3 times
reward: 750,000 exp

Quest 57
Level 48 - Duyun's revenge
NPC: East gateway of hotan guard name Duyun
killing 820 white spider
not repeatable quest
reward: 800,000 exp / 11,300 skill point

Quest 58
Level 49 - Sweeping Mujigi
NPC: south gateway of hotan guard name Batu
collect 225 fingernails of mujigis
not repeatable quest
reward: 1,075,000 exp

Quest 59

Level 51 - Ishade Quest
NPC: protector shop
killing ishade 235 drops
not repeatable quest

Quest 60
Level 53 - White Face Spider Web
NPC: Herbalist in hotan
210 white spider web from white face spider OR blue face spider
reward:100k gold and 1.2milion exp
Repeatable 3 times

Quest 61
Level 59 - Yeti stick
NPC: Hotan blacksmith
Task collect 120 Yeti sticks
reward: 2mil and exp
Repeatable 3 times

Lvl 61
Explains the east gate looks for the soldier converses, □K may meet the duty (may repeat 3 time)
Goal: ?
NPC east gate soldier ĘC not rarely (315,43)
Exp 780000 / gold coins 79000

Lvl 61 quest in Donwhang 3491, 1966
NPC: baekako
Quest: Solid Bug Ghost's shell
Goal: Collect 15 Bug Ghost's shell
Reward: 2,200,000 exp
Repeatable 3 times

Lvl 63 quest Donwhang 3516, 2175
NPC: Hunter guild Haraho
Quest: Hiring hunter guild
Goal: Hunt 1500 Strong/Power Earth Ghosts
Reward: 2,500,000 exp and 250,000 gold
Repeatable 5 times

Lvl 65
Explains and Tian Yu Guo's guards against has the shop looks for the merchant ancient Nepal sha dialogue, □K may meet this duty (may repeat 7 time) the goal?
NPC guards against has the merchant ĘC ancient Nepal sha (59,20)
Exp 170000 / skills empirical values 16000 / gold coins 5000

Lvl 68
Showing first arrives with Tian Yu Guo's 铁铺 looks for the blacksmith Soviet 普尔 dialogue, □K may meet this duty goal?
NPC blacksmith ĘC Soviet 普尔 (50,74)
Exp 1360000 / skills empirical values 36000
Lvl 68
Explains and Tian Yu Guo's grocery store looks for the gem adds 工师 the horse woodenly raises, □K may meet this duty goal?
The NPC gem adds 工师 ĘC the horse woodenly raises (87, -3)
Reward skill empirical value 36000 / gold coins 370000

Lvl 69

Get the quest from Donwhang Monk BUPGONG (2526,2264)
Kill Devil Ghost Nachal or Devil Mask Nachal for 1 Nachal antidote
PS:you need to get back to the npc that gave you this quest within 15 minutes after you get the quest item. No tele scroll or horse can be used , but you can use horse after you get out from dungeon.
Exp: 3,750,000
Item: advanced return scrolls X50
Paedo's request

Lvl 70

Repeatable 3 times
Get the quest from Donwhang Storekeeper PAEDO (3579,1979)
Kill Gold-Silver Yachal or Diamond Yachal for 250 pieces of diamond and 250 pieces of gold
Exp: 4,250,000
Gold: 375,000

Lvl 70
Get the quest from Donwhang Priest HYEON (3592,2236)
Retrieve the 4 books of scriptures
Exp: 4,750,000
Sp: 24,000
Gold: 425,000
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Quests In Hotan
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