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 666 mod

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Evil Soul

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PostSubject: 666 mod   666 mod Icon_minitimeFri 20 Apr 2007, 17:26

this is a post from few months ago
hmm sum1 should test this mod and tell me what ya think... and does it work to you....
coppyed from old forums :

Heres the link to the download: http://rapidshare.com/files/16301788/666v2.zip.html

this mod cant be used in singleplayer
if u want to start a server put name : <666>clan
password : silkroad
dont forget to put playerkilling allowed

-if u have firewalls on no1 will be able to connect to ur server
-conecting to your own server by lan couses crashing , so use global server to conect to ur server

to install mod please open file called "INPORTANT" lol couse its inportant , about how to install font.
I apolagize for the size 60 mb but what can i do there are alllot of textures

new in this mod:
-starting money 100 mill
-starting planet los angeles , california system
-3 new ships for sale on los angeles
-3 new ships for sale at battleship yukon
-all ships have an imroved version of reaver mk2 ( it has speed 5k and higher dmg)
-new skins for planets
-new skin for starsphere ( sistem skin)
-new font
-starting pic altered
-no mines or cms or torps or missles for new ships (they lag too much)

things not done:
-no ship names or scripts ( just a waste of time since this is an pvp mod)
-didnt change base skins
-didnt remove npcs (theyr weak and they wont bother ya)
-no music was added (if i did added it the file whould beed 170 mb)

ill work on the next mod in summer time
and that time with MY OWN SHIPS
these ships in this mod are star trek ships downloded from battleclinic
and retextured by me to 666 skin
enjoy the mod.........
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666 mod
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