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 Notice About Clan Ranks

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PostSubject: Notice About Clan Ranks   Notice About Clan Ranks Icon_minitimeSat 14 Apr 2007, 14:02

1. Co-Leaders rank can scrap only by decission of Leader!
2. Ministers rank can scrap by mutual decission of Leader and Co-Leader if they see that is the best solution!
3. If a Ministers decission is not in interest of the whole clan, Leader, Co-Leader both Ministers and Demonic Headmaster will discuss that matter to find the best solution!
4. If Ministers aren't preformin as it's expected they will loose their rank, alo, that means inactivity in crucial moments, inactivity without notifiyin first, and some other reasons that leads to Ministers lack in performance!
4. Some very important matters will be made after Leader, Co-Leader, Ministers and Demonic Headmaster discuss that matter and presented to the rest of the clan!
5. Any member of 666 clan can become one of the leadership if they are on first place active, wanna advance in clan and have bigger responsibillity, obey rules!
6. This rules will be updated if Leadership of this clan sees it neccesary!!
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Notice About Clan Ranks
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