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 Server Rules

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PostSubject: Server Rules   Server Rules Icon_minitimeSat 14 Apr 2007, 14:03

Please read these rules as they are intended to ensure that all players understand what is acceptable and unacceptable on the server.

Any player, by there actions; forcing a fellow player to leave the server because of multiple killing, abuse, or harassment will be banned. Players with this selfish attitude are not wanted on this server. Players facing this abuse are to send a PM with unaltered screen shots to an Admin here on the web site, or speak in game to Server staff.

On the server there are two tags which will identify the Server staff, both have authority to uphold the server rules and help all players. They are tagged [ADMIN] and [VOID]. When trying to talk to them in game, please remember that they have many tasks and responsibilities, therefore they may not be able to respond to you straight away, please be patient. Please speak to them in a civil manner; it is unlikely that you will be helped if you are abusive or ill mannered. Likewise, in the event that a player feels that one of the server staff has dealt with them in an unfair manner, please PM Strail or TIODS here on the website with the details.

• Swearing/Profanity/Abuse

The server does not tolerate players who cannot conduct themselves in an orderly and cordial fashion. There are many different ages of players on this server and it is forbidden to swear, use profane language or abuse another player with the intent to harass a fellow player.

• Modding/Cheating/Hacking

Any players found to be using any other mods than that of the Void mod will be banned.
Any players found to be hacking game files in any way will be banned. Any players found to be cheating in any way shape or form to the detriment of the server, fellow player or Admins will be banned.

• Pirates

Pirates are allowed to undertake their business on this server, subject to the following:

All pirates will be tagged [X]
Any players not tagged [X] and conducting piracy activity and unwilling/refusing to be correctly tagged, will be banned.
Maximum tax allowed is 200k. There are no exceptions

• Rogues

All rogues will be tagged [R]
Rogues may not be in a clan and may not tax
Rogues by their nature and activity should be deemed KOS (kill on sight) by other players.

• PvP (Player Versus Player)/Dueling

Players under level 20 should be allowed to play the game without the threat of being killed by other players, unless they wish to. Exceptions to this are when the lower ranked player is inviting a PvP or undertaking an activity that he knows will result in being fired upon. Please leave these players to enjoy the game and the server unmolested.

When undertaking a PvP, ensure you clarify and confirm if “reloading”, or using “bots and bats” is allowed, prior to the fight. This will stop bad feeling from players who never reload or do not expect the opponent to reload.

It is polite to acknowledge the victor of the PvP; this is usually done by saying “gf” (good fight) in System or Private channel.

• Cargo

Undertaking the mass process of mounting and un-mounting items will lead to the corruption of your character files. Having more than 100 items will cause this corruption. This does not apply to normal buying/selling of commodities.

Players who have this problem will find that there characters do not show on the character list when joining the server. In these instances, PM an Admin on the website and the cargo will be deleted – no refunds are given and re-offending players will be fined or banned.

• Fake clan tags/ Bad or offensive names

Any players flying in fake clan tags will be banned from the server.

If the clan is recognized by the server, you cannot impersonate membership of that clan. Only at the discretion of the Server staff can this be allowed.
Bad or Offensive names covers all type of names that players (both male and female) may use. If you have a name that will cause a player distress you will be banned. We must remember that players of all ages use this server and therefore common sense should always prevail.

• Native Language

Players are allowed to speak in their native language on the server, it is not required that everybody talk in English. Please remember that offensive language is not tolerated regardless of what language it’s spoken in.

• Team Speak

All of the above applicable rules apply to the Void Team Speak (TS) server as well. A player banned from the TS server for a violation of these rules may find themselves banned from the game as well.

Remember, it has to be fun for everyone, not just you. Please play within the spirit of the game.
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Server Rules
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